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The Newlyweds’ Guide to Hosting for the Holidays

The first holiday season as newlyweds is a special moment for any couple. It’s the first time you’re celebrating as an official family unit, and you want it to be special. As you negotiate holiday schedules with parents and in-laws, consider starting your own traditions by hosting a holiday celebration as a couple.

Why Host?

Your first holiday season after getting married will pull you in many directions. On one hand, you want to celebrate with your new spouse and create special memories of your first holidays as a married couple. On the other hand, each of your families wants to spend the holidays with you too, and it’s hard to say no to longstanding traditions.

Many couples choose to alternate which family they spend the holidays with so that each side enjoys equal time with the newlywed couple and no one feels left out. Others make a point to see both families every holiday season, a decision that could mean a lot of travel if your relatives aren’t local. Even if they are, not everyone can keep up with back-to-back celebrations, especially when both sides celebrate on the same day.

The Newlyweds’ Guide to Hosting for the Holidays

Another big drawback of attending others’ holiday get-togethers is you miss the opportunity to establish your own holiday traditions as a new family unit. While it’s certainly possible to have your own private celebration before or after family gatherings, the holidays are often so draining that those moments get lost in the chaos.

Rather than spending your holidays driving between your parents’ house and the in-laws’ — or alternatively, choosing to say goodbye to family get-togethers altogether — why not bring everyone together for a shared holiday experience? While hosting a big celebration is no walk in the park, it just might be the perfect solution to a holiday dilemma.

Decorating Your Home

No holiday celebration is complete without going all-out decorating. However, your budget might be feeling tight after a wedding and honeymoon. Don’t worry; you can still create a festive home without spending a fortune with budget-friendly decorating tips from SheKnows.

Don’t forget the table settings! This is the perfect opportunity to break out the nice dinnerware you received as a wedding present. Pair it with a festive tablecloth and one of these cute centerpieces from Apartment Therapy for an easy way to dress up your dinner table for the occasion.

Beyond being festive, you want your home to be comfortable and inviting for your guests, especially if they’re staying the night. Prep your home by scheduling a deep cleaning before the holidays, ensuring guest bedrooms are well-stocked, and keeping the exterior clear of snow and ice.

Planning the Celebration

Everyone loves to unwrap gifts and share a big meal, but that’s hardly all that goes into a good holiday party. Planning activities helps each side of the family get to know each other and keeps guests busy while you’re putting the finishing touches on dinner. Get the whole family involved in hanging ornaments on the tree, building a gingerbread house, playing a game or enjoying a classic holiday movie. Ensure everyone feels included by incorporating traditions from your family and your spouse’s, as well as adding some new ones of your own.

As children and grandchildren get married and start families of their own, family holiday traditions are bound to change. However, that doesn’t mean they need to fade away completely. As you set out in your life as a married couple, it’s your turn to lead holiday celebrations and carry on the spirit of family and togetherness.

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